Jackson      dyssey   


Origin: Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, U.K. 

Genre: Rock

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Lancashire based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist The Jackson Odyssey began writing songs when he was in his early twenties and living in London. Having tried to write a novel, he found that putting words to music felt more natural and began to record his compositions in a home studio. Finding a list of record company contacts whilst he was posting his demos, led to submitting his music to several majors. He gained positive feedback and advice from label managers who were at first intrigued by his story and later impressed by his musicianship and songwriting talents.

I have trained on the violin and piano, playing in a youth orchestra, but have taught myself the guitar. I perform all the guitars and vocals and play the bass on the second half of the album. These songs are my own and I'm still trying to find my way as a songwriter, as there is so much to learn! Making music feels like alchemy to me and you never know where a song might take you! 

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