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Hello and thanks for visiting my website.

I have finished my second album, which has been produced by Neil Treppas at Redbridge Sound Studios, Bolton, Lancashire.

I've been playing the guitar for over ten years. I started writing songs seriously around 2010 - my only formal lessons were on the piano and violin. My influences range from Led Zep and Hendrix right up to the modern day. I have written all the songs and performed all the guitars and vocals on these tracks. I also play the bass in the last 5 songs. The bass in the first half of the album is performed by Neil Treppas, the drums by a hired pro called Steve Rice!

I also have at least another 2 albums worth of material unrecorded.

Here is a list of radio play for "OverEasy" (She's Always):
Lionheart Radio
Nua Show
Sheppey FM, Kent
Siren FM, UK
Sine FM, Doncaster
ICR FM, Ipswich

Radio Sylvia, Germany
Radio Lotte, Germany
Radio Okluebeck, Germany
radio Russelheim, Germany
Radio Xanthi One, Greece
Radio Beckwith, Italy
Radio Brume, France
Frequence7 FM, France
Radio Kuku, Estonia

No Pigeon Holes Radio Show - KKUP
KVMR, California
CKRL, Canada
CFM FM, Canada
Evolution 107.9, Canada

2BBB, Australia

South Australian Blues Show
The Welding Room, America
Addictions Podcast, Canada
Zone Radio, South Africa
Independent Share Radio, Kansas
Jammerstream One, Chicago
NWCZ Seattle
Radio TK, Brazil
Dandelion Radio, UK
Dark Compass
Way Out Radio
Xtreme 365 Radio, Ohio
Wolfman Radio, UK
Cowbell Radio, UK

You can contact me via the email link.